Lovely video for The Tallest Man on Earth’s track, “Darkness of the Dream”

Little did I know Kristian Matsson of The Tallest Man on Earth knew what a tour jeté or a sissone were, let alone contemporary dance. To my surprise and delight, he can execute these ballet steps and adds a contemporary twist. He shares this secret talent of his in the music video for the track, “Darkness of the Dream”, off his most recent release, Dark Bird is Home. Matsson and two other female contemporary dancers push, pull, tangle and fly in what looks like a studio or ballroom while we catch glimpses of a wooded forest, and Matsson wandering through a dry and desolate almost Martian-like landscape. Beyond loving the incorporation of dance with this video, I also enjoy the fact that it leaves you wondering when he is dreaming. Is he dreaming while he’s dancing? Is he dreaming while walking alone through the desert? Does it matter?

The video was directed by Jakob Wallin and cinematography by Jesper Guldbrand.

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