Interview: New York’s funk, rap, dance, disco sensation, Outasight.

If you haven’t had the chance to dig into New York native, Outasight’s (Richard Andrew) most recent full length, Big Trouble, you should take a moment to introduce yourself before we go on. I think this music video will summarize the music and the man behind the music:

I emailed Outasight some questions inquiring about some of his favorite musicians, what’s unique about his newest release and what we can expect from him in the future. Check it out!

MFL: What kind of music were you exposed to as a child and did it influence your music today?

Richard Andrew (Outasight): From the time I could form memories, music was there. Records, CD’s, MTV, I was always surround by pop culture and music.  Everything from Prince, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder to hip hop like A Tribe Called Quest, and classic rock like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, I grew up believing music was a part of daily life, like eating food and drinking water.  


MFL: Along those lines, can you name five specific songs are albums (old or new!) that have shaped or inspired your style?

RA: Mos Def – Umi Says

ATCQ – Jazz

War- Galaxy

Stevie Wonder- Too High

D’angelo – Voodoo


 MFL: When and how did music become an integral part of your life?

RA: From the womb to the tomb my friend.  But I think I knew it was the life for me from the time I started singing my own songs when I was just a little kid.  Next thing I know I was sneaking into clubs and bars from age 13 in New York City to hear bands, djs, and eventually get on the microphone.  Feels like this life chose me and not the other way round.

MFL: Where did you grow up and if you didn’t grow up in New York, how did you end up there?

RA: I grew up in New York. Yonkers to be exact.  I’ve lived in Los Angeles for the past year and that’s what inspired my new album, Big Trouble.

 MFL: What’s your overall goal with your music? What do you want it to do to your fans? I know I literally can’t sit still while I listen to it.

RA: My goal this album was to make something funky, something that represented my 1st year of living in Los Angeles.  There’s a certain vibe and feel that comes with the lifestyle and I wanted the music to reflect that.  I just wanted to write great songs that I loved first, too, so I spent a bit more time on it then usual, but I think it was worth it.


MFL: What’s different about Big Trouble compared to your previously released music? I hear more funk in in Big Trouble than in your other EPs and full length.

RA: I think you nailed it.  I brought in the horns. I brought in the funk.  The process felt very natural to me, so I just kind of rolled with it.  

MFL: What songs on Big Trouble get you moving the most and where is your favorite place to dance? Pick one (or more if you can’t decide):

  1.    In the shower
  2.    In your car
  3.    On stage
  4.    Alone at your house
  5.  Out on the town with your friends

RA: “The Boogie!”  I mean it’s a dance in itself!   And always on stage!!!!


MFL: Can we expect a tour from you before the end of 2015 or are we going to have to wait until 2016?

RA: Since I released this album towards the end of the year, most likely the big tour will be in 2016, but I am on the road now doing fly in dates and festivals.  So catch me if you can.

MFL: With that, if you could pick any musician from the present to tour with, who would it be?

RA: James Brown.

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