Mesmerizing video for Alek Fin’s track, “Lift Up” featuring Robot Koch

If you have ever have dreamed of a painting coming to life, I’m sure it was something like this. The track “Lift Up” already has a dream-like quality, as does much of the music from electronic pioneer, Alek Fin. Creating a living, breathing visual however, adds another level of artistic beauty. A painting barely started takes on a life of its own when the creator is distracted by his own life. Dead flowers, insects, air, anything but a paint brush give the paint itself life. It flows, rolls, ripples and tumbles across the canvas in perfect time with the music. Enjoy:

“Lift Up” was co-produced with Robot Koch, another trail blazing electronic musician and the music video was created by EFFIXX. You can find “Lift Up” and all of the other tracks off of Alek Fin’s recently released EP, Án Mynda, on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

Also, I had the chance to speak with the man behind Alek Fin, Adam Finkel, not too long ago. Check out the interview here.

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