Record #2 from Outasight, “Big Trouble”, is out NOW!

Outasight’s long anticipated sophomore record, Big Trouble, is jam-packed with scrumptious dance-inducing tracks. Despite the fact that every single track on the record has the overpowering ability to at least get your toes tapping (but will likely cause the action to move up your body), each track is easily distinguishable from the last. I guess what I’m saying is, they don’t all sound the same! Richard Andrew, the man behind Outasight, has managed to stylishly incorporate hip hop, funk, blues and disco into one record creating a perfectly plump full length that is dance-able from start to almost finish. I say “almost finish” because the closing track, “Saints & Sinners”, is quite down tempo compared to the rest of the tracks. It’s a real smooth finish to the record.

Check out my favorite track on the record, “Wild Life.” It rolls funk, disco, pop and old school hip hop beats into one tasty track and don’t forget to get your copy of Big Trouble!

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