New single from Controller: “No Future”

This track is two faced in the best way.The verses wreak of darkness, shadowed by sinister-sounding guitars and the lyrics are anything but cheerful BUT the chorus changes pace and has more of that indie rock sound we know Controller for. Despite the change in sound at the chorus, the content of the entire song isn’t glitter and rainbows. About this track lead singer Jon Bellinger says:

“On the surface, the song is a murder ballad, like “Folsom Prison Blues,” but it’s really about the kind of reality distortion field that can start rotting your mind when you spend a lot of time in a relationship with someone (a girlfriend, a parent, a friend) who’s really negative and unstable. Certain crazy people tend to bring out the crazy in the people around them, and this song is about letting that consume you until you feel insane yourself.”

“No Future” is off their upcoming No Future EP due out just around the corner on November 9th.

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