New single from Melbourne five-piece, Canary: “Here We Go”

“Here We Go” is a song that you never really figure out. It changes tone, mood and intent quickly, but not too quickly. It grabs you by the ear and pulls you on a nearly 4 minute journey through every emotion, treating you to every instrument. All of this set to a driving beat with building intensity that never slows down. Before I tell you more, have a listen:

canary band

Canary came to be back in 2007 when Matthew Kenneally (vocals, guitars) brought together two unlikely musical partners, a trumpet player with a knack for beat-boxing and a violinist. Now Canary is Matthew Kenneally (vocals, guitars), Adam Dean (guitars), Lachlan O’ Kane (drums), Isaac Barter (Bass), and Ed Fairlie (rumpet, beatboxing, percussion). Together they’ve released one full length (Dear Universe in 2011) and are working on releasing their second full length, I Am Lion, which is due out early 2016. If it’s anything like the two tracks I’ve heard from it thus far, it’s guaranteed to be absolutely killer.

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