Heavy Funk from Georgia’s own, Heavy Chevy

Coming to you this Saturday, October 24 at the speed of sound is the debut record from Atlanta, Georgia-based HEAVY funk 7-piece, Heavy Chevy. Their upcoming debut full length, Black Light, is some serious space-age funk laced with infectious beats, intergalactic synths and brassy horns. “You Got Me” and “Music”…pretty much any track featuring Michelle Marshall’s deep n’ rich vocals, adds another layer of complexity to Heavy Chevy. This layer is oddly reminiscent of the best 90s funk/hip-hop/r&b/dance…Crystal Waters and C & C Music Factory? Maybe it’s just me but listening to Black Light necessitated jumping in a time machine to revisit some of the classics.

Time for an example? Though this track is purely instrumental and doesn’t feature the velvety vocals, it encapsulates the funk, 90s, unavoidable need to dance Heavy Chevy induces AND the space age vibe.Check out their music video for “King Sh*t”

Heavy Chevy formed back in 2004 when Skape Zilla [keys, samples] and Luke Zollinger [bass] met. They whipped up some tracks as a duo that were already funktified local clubs in Atlanta. Before they knew it two became seven and now Heavy Chevy is:

Skape Zilla (Keys, samples)
Luke Zollinger (bass)
Tony James (percussion)
Travis Cottle (trombone, guitar)
Mike Applebaum (keys, trumpet)
Michelle Marshall (keys, vocals)
Radley Fricker (drums)

Shot with a Canon EOS-1V on Fujifilm Superia 1600. Processed and scanned by The Darkroom.

Black Light is due out October 24th on Rotating Souls Record produced and engineered by Graham Marsh (member of CLAVVS and produced for Bruno Mars and Ceelo Green), Ralph Cacciurri (Alicia Keys, Outkast), and John Horesco (Lecrae, B.O.B.).

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