Interview: TR Remsen

Thomas Remsen (TR Remsen) of Hudson Falls, NY like all musicians has a story to tell through his music among other forms of art he enjoys. Despite differences in belief between us, I feel his thoughts and ideas can be applied to everyone and is why I’m excited to share his story and his unique musical style. Via email, Thomas and I covered many aspects of his music including current and future goals and how hardships in his life have shaped these goals and his musical inspirations.

MFL: How and when did music become part of your life?

TR: Music became part of my life around the age of four, my grandfather used to play harmonica as a hobby and used this talent to entertain my family and I. My grandfather taught me how to play harmonica and it not only introduced me to the world of music but also was a great way to connect and inspire me as a person.

MFL: You listed these bands as your musical influences: U2, Bret Michaels, Barry Gibb, Green Day, Gin Blossoms. What is it about their music that speaks to you?

TR: With each band and artist listed, their music spoke to my soul on a deep and personal level, the lyrics to me were performed from the heart and gave me the courage to create and perform my own music. I also grew up with various types of music, because my family had a variety of tastes from different eras of music playing in my house and in the car as well.

MFL: The two songs you shared with me, “From Heaven” and “One Life to Live”, where did these songs come from and what story do they tell?

TR: “From Heaven” is a religious influenced musical letter, combined with me asking for guidance from a spiritual sense. For me it also is a message asking for help from my grandfather who has passed on to the heavens above.  “One Life To Live” was inspired by a friend of mines daughter who helped me get through a depressing time in my life, by her constant smile and laughter, and I wrote this song for her as a reminder that you can overcome any obstacle in your life, and as a thank you to her, for helping me get out a tough period in my life.

MFL: Are you working on putting together a full record? If so, what do you envision the concept of your record being?

TR: Right now I am only working on a single, I am currently in the pre-production phase, but my vision of this song is to base it mainly on overcoming adversity in the face of a challenge, which I am facing right now battling Germ Cell Cancer.

MFL: How does your health influence your music?

TR: Health influences my music in a lot of ways, especially with this new single, along with experience, knowledge, family and other everyday influences, overcoming this challenge of Cancer, along with being a birth defect child born missing the top of my head and having multiple surgeries on various parts of my body. I think of health as a gift to me, and through my music, it is my way of thanking those who gave me this gift and let me have a chance to make a difference in my life and the lives of those around me.

MFL: Finally, what does your life outside of music consist of?

TR: Well my life outside of music consists mainly of helping my family with everyday chores and activities; I also like to write short stories and poetry as well. I want to hopefully inspire and influence young people with my lyrics and music and show all people, no matter what their health or other situation is, that you can do anything if you work hard, and do your best in what you love and what inspires you.


TR Remsen Abstract 11_4_14

If you’re inspired by Thomas’ story, please reach out to him. I can promise he’d love to hear from you. Check out his Facebook page and Soundcloud page where you can contact him.

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