First single off of Cross Record’s sophomore album: “Steady Waves”

Cross Record is the project of husband and wife Dan Duszynski and Emily Cross. “Steady Waves” and all of the accompanying tracks on their upcoming sophomore album, Wabi-Sabi were written and recorded at the couple’s ranch called, Moon Phase Ranch in Dripping Springs, TX. This ranch was not their home before, though. Emily and Dan dropped their Chicago life to live on 18 acres of land that included a bird sanctuary. There in Dripping Springs, Emily some how found the time to create Wabi-Sabi despite the 60 work week which included a smattering of jobs from restaurant work to nannying. Her husband, Dan, produced the record along with the couple’s friend Theo Karon and Thor Harris of Swans. If the rest of the record is anything like “Steady Waves”, it’s sure to be incredible.

“Steady Waves” is a surprisingly powerful track and a boldly beautiful introduction to Cross Record’s new work. It certainly takes the listener somewhere that is not predicted initially. Listen:


Wabi-Sabi in its entirety is due out on January 29th on Ba Da Bing Records and you can pre-order it here. If you’re intrigued by Cross Record, as am I, you can learn more about them by watching their documentary, “Hardly Sound”:

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