Rework of an old track from Kuroma: “Twenty Centuries in Time”

Earlier this year, Kuroma released their debut piece of work titled, Kuromarama. Kuroma is the brainchild of MGMT guitarist, Hank Sullivan who has managed to reinvent MGMT in this new project, retaining the whimsical, catchy and creative sound we have grown to love about MGMT but dressing it with a new name and some new sounds.

Speaking of reinventing, Kuroma took a track from their debut record called “20+ Centuries” and reworked it for their upcoming EP, 20+ Centuries, which will be out on October 30th on Votiv Records. The rework is a…um….fastforwarded version of the original track? You be the judge. The original version (music video) followed by the “rework” are below:

“Twenty Centuries in Time” will be accompanied by some bonus material and two new tracks on the upcoming EP.

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