Month: October 2015

Mesmerizing video for Alek Fin’s track, “Lift Up” featuring Robot Koch

If you have ever have dreamed of a painting coming to life, I’m sure it was something like this. The track “Lift Up” already has a dream-like quality, as does much of the music from electronic pioneer, Alek Fin. Creating a living, breathing visual however, adds another level of artistic beauty. A painting barely started takes on a life of its own when the creator is distracted by his own life. Dead flowers, insects, air, anything but a paint brush give the paint itself life. It flows, rolls, ripples and tumbles across the canvas in perfect time with the music. Enjoy:

“Lift Up” was co-produced with Robot Koch, another trail blazing electronic musician and the music video was created by EFFIXX. You can find “Lift Up” and all of the other tracks off of Alek Fin’s recently released EP, Án Mynda, on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

Also, I had the chance to speak with the man behind Alek Fin, Adam Finkel, not too long ago. Check out the interview here.

Let Joanna Newsom look into your eyes while you watch her video for “Divers”

Yes, this is THE video that has been leaving tracks and turning heads in theaters across the country. Now you can watch it alone or with other, secretly at your desk at work, in the cozy twisted sheets and covers of your very own bed, on your couch, on your phone…anywhere for that matter.

I never thought a video simply composed of Joanna Newsom’s face and a mystical, morphing landscape could be so commanding. Newsom stares you down while the movement of her lips remove any secret as to where her perfectly pristine and elegant enunciation comes from. You cannot escape this video once it begins. Seven minutes of boiling skies, rich and colorful puffs of smoke or are they clouds? Her eyes peek through caves and small windows of the decadent world that video director Paul Thomas Anderson and album art creator Kim Keeer built. It is truly a must watch, as her new record is a must listen.

New single from Edinburgh trio, Dead Boy Robotics: “Arrival”

Appropriately titled, “Arrival”, the first single off of Dead Boy Robotics upcoming sophomore album, New Cells, is out for your listening pleasure. “Arrival” captures every necessary layer of a song in under 3 minutes, an impressive feat. Fully equipped with a gritty bass line, catchy hooks, a mellowed out bridge section, and an ending that catches you off guard, “Arrival” is an excellent first release for the Edinburgh trio’s newest work.

You can also listen on Souncloud and get yourself a free download of the track.

They group draws their inspiration from Space, Blade Runner, the human race and our constant battle against looming extinction. If you’re a fan of Depeche Mode, Mew, HEALTH, or The Horrors, you’re sure to find something in their that’s right for your ears.

Parts II and III of HÆLOS three part music video series, “Triptych” are now available

Wrought with the most intense emotions, HÆLOS’ music seeks to ignite a more shadowed part of their listeners. According to the musicians, “Our songwriting process can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful,” say the band, “but we want to write evocative music that captures the spirit of what it means to be alive and human.” Staying true to the effort they put into this artistic endeavor, they have taken their music a step further. They’ve provided three high intensity music videos that add moving, living beings to the stories in their songs. You viewer dives into the complicated, violent and intimate world of the two characters, a young man and woman. You can make the connection between the fear, freedom, pain, joy, and desperation you hear in the vocals and lyrics and the fear, freedom, pain, joy and desperation you see in the characters. Below you can watch all three parts of “Triptych.”

HÆLOS is a London-based trio consisting of Arthur Delaney (vocals), Dom Goldsmith (vocals, production) and Lotti Benardout (vocals). The limited edition 12″, “PRAY/DUST”, will be out on December 4th on Matador Records.

Featured Image by Dave Ma, courtesy of Pitch Perfect PR.

Debut EP from Stockholm singer-songwriter, Erik Fhager NOW!

I discovered Erik Fhager while poking around on Soundcloud. I stumbled upon this track:

I was instantly attracted to the gentle power and driving, marching percussion that serves as the backdrop for Erik Fhager’s soft but pitch perfect voice in “Every Oscar in the World.”

Erik Fhager is a solo singer-songwriter/guitarist based out of Stockholm, Sweden who has been collaborating with some of Sweden’s finest including Agnes and LÈON. Today, Erik Fhager released his debut EP titled Premiere. You can find the new EP on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud! With a hint of blues and folk, Erik Fhager’s thoughtful songwriting is sure to capture a large audience. About his songwriting, Fhager says:

“It was first when I met the producer Zebastian Swartz that I found a clear vision of the retro sound that we captured in these songs. In the music we constantly sought contrast; a never-ending swing between the joy and resigned brokenness of life.”

Record #2 from Outasight, “Big Trouble”, is out NOW!

Outasight’s long anticipated sophomore record, Big Trouble, is jam-packed with scrumptious dance-inducing tracks. Despite the fact that every single track on the record has the overpowering ability to at least get your toes tapping (but will likely cause the action to move up your body), each track is easily distinguishable from the last. I guess what I’m saying is, they don’t all sound the same! Richard Andrew, the man behind Outasight, has managed to stylishly incorporate hip hop, funk, blues and disco into one record creating a perfectly plump full length that is dance-able from start to almost finish. I say “almost finish” because the closing track, “Saints & Sinners”, is quite down tempo compared to the rest of the tracks. It’s a real smooth finish to the record.

Check out my favorite track on the record, “Wild Life.” It rolls funk, disco, pop and old school hip hop beats into one tasty track and don’t forget to get your copy of Big Trouble!

Dreamy surf pop fresh out of the dorms: Tobacco Sunburst

Tobacco Sunburst member, Emmanuel Thomas contacted me last week with this statement:

“Hi we’re Tobacco Sunburst, two nineteen year olds making surfy dream pop out of a dorm room, for your listening pleasure. Please enjoy.”

I had to listen. I could’t have imagined a better time than the awkward transition from fall to winter to have their sound introduced into my life. Their lazy guitar plucking and basic beats are paired with dark chocolate vocals that rumble gently against your ear drums. Listen:

Besides what Tobacco Sunburst sounds like, all I know is these two dorm room-inhabiting musicians are students at Ohio State University and are from Stony Brook, NY originally. AND they released a new single today called “Stuck on Repeat.” Check it out on their Bandcamp page.

Out today! Luke Redfield’s “Uncover the Magic” EP

Uncover the Magic EP is out today, and will be celebrated at a release party at Icehouse in Minneapolis. Duluth, Minnesota-native, Luke Redfield, is known for his ever-travelling heart that’s tugged him across the country and has allowed him to build four full lengths and now this EP. His wavering and timid voice has a power all its own that’s elegantly supported by the instrumentation. Uncover the Magic EP is the perfect 5-song collection that eases you in with the lovely introductory track, “Siphoning Gas” and sends you a sweet goodbye with “Sweet Prelude.”

I’m not sure how long this album stream will be up but you can find the EP on iTunes as well.