Steven A. Clark’s debut record, “The Lonely Roller” is out NOW!

The Lonely Roller is en epic record of cinematic proportions. I say cinematic because listening to this record from start to finish tricks you into believing you are living inside a movie. You experience the highs and lows of the characters Clark sing about, the building and destruction of lust and love. With the storytelling, scenario-building and sensualism of Frank Ocean and hip hop, infectious beats of Kid Cudi, Lonely Roller has it all.

The single, “Can’t Have” was released earlier this summer and is an perfect example of the stories Clark is capable of telling, blending pop, R&B and electronic music. The music video captures this exceedingly well:

The opening cut and title track gives your auditory senses everything they need in addition to showcasing Steven A. Clark’s natural storytelling ability.

It’s difficult to find a favorite on this record, for me personally. I spent an entire evening driving around listening to it, song by song and I felt like a character in a movie. Clark takes you by the ear and makes you feel like every character he features in every story he tells. Each song is a story. The track “Bounty” has a down beat, R&B feel that sticks with you.

As I mentioned above, Clark’s sound harks back to Frank Ocean and like-sounding artists. “Floral Print” and the following track “Part Two” are proof. “Floral Print” is a song about every memory this character has about a woman he loved who left. Her floral print dress, the smell of her perfume, all lingering desperately in his mind, terrorizing him.

The Lonely Roller is an incredible step for Clark and phenomenal debut.

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