Free download from Living Dead Girl: “Simulation”

A little dark of a track for the start of the day but the beautiful thing about this piece is it lives two separate lives. Though it starts out eerie, creepy and dissonant, the mood changes later on. Not dramatically but enough to instill a bit of hope and relief from the darkness for the listener. In that latter part of the  track, “Stimulation” takes on a more basic indie rock sound. Listen up and feel free to help yourself to the free download offered by the band, Living Dead girl:

Living Dead Girl is a duo composed of Jonno Lloyd (guitar, bass, synth, programming, backing vocals) and Jessica English (lead vocals, synth, piano, programming) who are from different musical backgrounds but have found a commonality, they can create dark goth-pop together and are the perfect team.

Keep your ears peeled for more from Living Dead Girl! They’ll be releasing a new single called “Skylines” October 16th via LDG Records.

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