New record coming from Tindersticks AND a short film accompanying a new track!

Tindersticks is a musical project that has been around for nearly 20 years and just recently they announced the release of their 10th record. This collection of tracks called, The Waiting Room, is an truly encompassing project with each track accompanied by a short film. Directors of these videos include Christoph Girardet,Pierre Vinour, Claire Denis, Rosie Pedlow and Joe King, Gregorio Graziosi, Richard Dumas and Gabriel Sanna. Gabriel Sanna directed the powerful but simple video depicting a tiny human with a tiny shovel up against an truck with the most massive wheels I’ve ever seen. “We Are Dreamers!” has a menacing and dark sound that’s juxtaposed with the faithful lyrics “we are dreamers!” It features Jehnny Beth of the band Savages. Have a look and listen below:

The Waiting Room will be out January 22, 2016. Until then, keep checking Music For Lunch for new tracks and their short films.


Featured image: Richard Dumas (courtesy of Pitch Perfect)

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