New single from Americana/Alt Country group, Boroughs

Boroughs is a freshly formed quartet based out of LA that’s been garnering a lot of attention since their first shows in LA and surrounding areas. Josh Spiker, producer/engineer of Tenacious D, noticed them immediately and before they knew it, a debut, self-titled EP was in order.

Boroughs is:

Kyle Neal: Vocals / Guitar
JD Carrera: Guitar
Tyler Johnson: Drums
Derrick Wong: Bass Guitar

Lead singer, Kyle Neal explains songwriting material for their debut EP as such:

“The EP is inspired by me having a brain that isn’t always happy, altering my state to try to cope with that, making dumb decisions, regretting said decisions and then altering my state to cope.”

“Keep it Up”, the most recently released single from Boroughs features backup vocals by Natalie Nicoles, Natalie Meadors, and Nicole Vaughn and is a story of a youth who’s battling through life, fighting to keep up with constant expectations. The beautifully written lyrics highlight difficult and trying moments in life, while the pounding drums encourage you to march on. “Keep it Up” and the previously released single “Alive” are a great start to this up and coming Americana/Alt Country collective’s career. Listen to “Keep it Up” below and find out more about Boroughs on their Facebook page and official websitef:

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