Animated video from Tyler Lyle for “Winter is For Kierkegaard”

A lonely character, a desert, a hot air balloon, a city. All of things are alive with animated motion in Tyler Lyle’s new music video for his single, “Winter is For Kierkegaard.” This video has the ability to take the viewer somewhere foreign and familiar at the same time. Maybe you’ve never been to the desert or traveled in a hot air balloon but what’s so familiar about this video is the constant motion of everything. Thoughts and images flicker in and out of view like your bustling brain on a busy day. It’s wonderful that the whole idea of the record from which this song came, The Native Genius of Desert Plants, works its way into this animated video. Cacti flow into frame while tiny desert plants sway and wiggle with life. Tyler Lyle was so inspired by the incredible life desert plants lead, how they can survive so well on so little. A beautiful concept.

Enjoy the video below:

There is something wonderful that happens when a music video is released. Typically, it’s been quite some time since you’ve reflected on that particular song and you’ve created your own vision or representation of what that song means visually or conceptually to you or the musician who wrote it. Then, when a music video is created the musicians’ visual representation of the song is released and the song is born again. That is what happened to me with “Winter is for Kierkegaard.”

I had the opportunity to send Tyler a few questions a couple of months ago. He responded with extremely thoughtful answers to my questions about his music, life and inspirations. Click here to read it.

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