A tune from Birmingham-based group, Temple Vesta: “Tempestuous”

Temple Vesta is a group of five fellows based out of Birmingham who make what they call “rock n’ roll indie funk alternative.” Jack Newbold is on vocals and writes the lyrics, Malcom Bradd is on lead guitar, Daniel Taylor is on rhythm guitar, Josh Cunningham is on Bass and Charlie Skeggs is on Drums.

First Release Photo

With one excellent single out already, “Juvenile”, and another one on the way, Temple Vesta is off to a powerful start. “Juvenile” is a grungy funk-rock piece that, only 2 minutes in length, begs your attention. You can find it on iTunes now.

October 2nd, Temple Vesta will be releasing their second single, “Tempestuous.” Interestingly, it sounds like it’s by a different band to me. If I were to hear those two tracks one right after the next without knowing anything about the artist, I might think they were different bands. This type of diversity in sound bodes well for everything else Temple Vesta will give to our ears. Check out “Tempestuous”:

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