Music from Nicky-P

Nicky-P is Nicholas Picarri, a singer/songwriter based out of Philadelphia, PA. I came across his music in my favorite way, he found me. Nothing brings me more joy than opening my email first thing in the morning and having an email from a new musician in my inbox. So, thank you Nicky-P for reaching out to Music For Lunch!

Nicky-P calls his style easy listening/Americana and he shares his music quite frequently at venues in Philadelphia like Milkboy, North Star Bar & Legendary Dobbs. Additionally, he’s opened for Dispatch. I can hear why. Nicky-P’s music has the same positive sound that forces you to take a deep breath and just sway. Listen to one of my favorites, “Good People” off of his Good Thoughts EP that came out December of 2014:

Looking forward to more from Nicky-P! If you need more RIGHT NOW, check out his website, Facebook page and SoundCloud page.

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