NEW SINGLE from SWIMM: “Belly”

They’ve been teasing us all, dropping tracks one at a time. Thankfully it’s only 3 weeks exactly until the release of their EP, Beverly Hells. The release date is August, 28th and excitingly, it will be the second EP released on 24Wests’ new record label. A project built from the ground up by Alex Fitts (check out the interview I did with him a few days ago) and Rich Nardo of 24West PR. by The newest single, “Belly” was just released and is the perfect depiction of what these guys do best: compiling a diverse set of rock styles with an irresistibly catchy chorus that bounces between your ears with ease for hours. Check it out.

I think it’s pretty obvious I’m a SWIMM fan. I refuse to let a single get out without sharing it with all of my lovely “Music For Lunchers.” You’re welcome. SWIMM will be touring the west coast in September then bouncing across the states, followed by some time in Canada. Don’t miss them!

Tour dates below:

SWIMM tour

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