Interview: Factoids from Brooklyn group, Future of What

Future of What is a dream/synth-pop trio based out of Brooklyn and comprised of Sam Axelrod, Max Kotelchuck, and Blair Gimma. This is the first song I heard by them:

“Hots” is the title track off of their most recently released EP. I asked Blair and Sam a few questions and they gave me a few answers, shedding on light what they bring to Future of What that’s unique and other factoids. Read on:

MFL: How did the three of you find each other or what drew you to each other?

Blair (Future of What): I found Sam at a mutual friend’s Thanksgiving party. I met my girlfriend the same night at the same party. I was drawn to Sam because he told me how much he liked my solo record. I was drawn to my girlfriend Hannah because she looked like a babe.

MFL: What do each of you bring to Future of What that’s unique?

Blair (F of W): I pronounce Cuisinart, “Coozinart.”

Sam (F of W): She also pronounces rigamarole, “rigamaroo.” I like to think of myself as the editor. I have a lot of opinions. Max has a lot of opinions, too. Actually, we all have a lot of opinions. 

MFL: If each of you were to pick your top three influential musicians/bands for you personally, who would they be? What would the top three influential musicians/bands be for you collectively as Future of What?

Blair (F of W): Some current collective influences are Steve Winwood, The Feelies, and Primitive Radio Gods.

Sam (F of W): I’ve been listening to a lot of Stars of the Lid.

MFL: What do you imagine your fans doing while they’re listening to your music?

Blair (F of W): I like to imagine people singing along to our music in their kitchen while they are cooking dinner.

Sam (F of W): I think of people on the subway, listening on their headphones. But that leaves out a lot of non-urban listening. Maybe driving in cars, then, too.

MFL: Can you break down your song writing process for me?

Blair (F of W): As of late, we all get into a room and someone starts playing some notes and the next thing you know, we’ve got a song.

MFL: How has Future of What changed or grown since its inception?

Blair (F of W): We care less about everything. We care very much about the songs, but a lot less about everything else.

Sam (F of W): True.

MFL: What is one of your most memorable performing moments?

Sam (F of W): I will never forget playing at Skidmore College’s Earth Day Fest on a windy Saturday afternoon this past April, and watching Max’s open laptop tip over from a strong gust of wind in the middle of “Double Thoughts.”

MFL: I saw you got to perform with White Hinterland. What was that like? I heard her on Song Exploder discussing and breaking down her song “Ring the Bell” and she was great.

Sam (F of W): It was fun to hang with her and our mutual friend Buck, but that show in Florence, MA was not entirely awesome. Among other things she has a great speaking voice. I wish she would read to me.

MFL: What does the summer look like performance-wise?

Sam (F of W): We just played two shows here in New York within a span of five days. That’s a lot for us. As of this moment we have no shows booked. Shows sometimes fall out of the sky, though, so I imagine our status could change at any moment.

MFL: Now that you’ve finished your latest EP, what’s next?

Blair (F of W): It’s satisfying to release something right after we have written it, so I think we’ll be releasing songs frequently.

Sam (F of W): Amen.

Their previous release, Pro Dreams is absolutely worth a listen as well. It’s available for listening on their Soundcloud page and purchasing on iTunes.

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