News from KATIEE in the form of a new single AND video

KATIEE is a new project fronted by Katie Eastburn, originally of the experimental rock band, Young People. Teamed up with Eastburn for KATIEE are Jim McHugh, Jeff Tobias and Jason Rabira all of whom just kicked off their tour yesterday (7/23). Only a few days ago, KATIEE released their next track off of their debut 7″ titled, Passersby which is out August 4th of this year. The new track is called “Atlantic City.” Check it out!

Like the other tracks I’ve listened to by KATIEE, it requires a decent pair of headphones or else some of the subtleties could be missed along with Eastburn’s airy vocals. Every sound should be accounted for so sit down and pay attention to this dreamy track.

In addition to the above track, KATIEE released a video for their track, “Bad & the Beautiful” (I’m In You Remix), directed by Sebastian Ischer. Shrouded in black, Katie, two young boys and another dancer leap, twirl, wield swords and don a Mexican wrestling mask. See for yourself:

Don’t forget, August 4th KATIEE’s debut 7″, Passersby comes out on Selfish Agenda.


Photo credit: Sabine Rogers (courtesy of Pitch Perfect PR)


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