New video from Montreal brothers, Maybelleen: “Rest My Case”

Music For Lunch has featured the Montreal brothers Peter and Charles Camiré twice already. I had the chance to interview them back in February and also shared their music video for “Time Machine”, a track of of their newest EP, Stereotypes. While “Time Machine” took place in their uncle’s old Nash 1928, “Rest My Case” is a spinning, candy-coated trip to the carnival, literally! The brothers amble around the carnival in slow motion, cotton candy in hand, scoping out the giant stuffed animal prizes, and taking spins on all the best whirling rides, all the while lyrics like “you’re such a fruit cake” or “you’re mad as a bag of ferrets, still I wanna spend my whole life with you” play in the background. I love it. Their music is so simple and honest. “Rest My Case” is a song about falling in love with someone, even if they’re as mad as a bag of ferrets. Isn’t that what love’s about?

Check out their new video below:

Featured image courtesy of G. Camire Art.

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