Album Review: Glider by Heather Woods Broderick – Out July 10th

One night recently, I couldn’t sleep. I was feeling anxious because I wasn’t in my own bed and had just woken up from some troubling dreams. I took a deep breath and let the first 20 or 30 seconds of “Under the Pine” off of Heather Woods Broderick’s sophomore album, Glider, slip in between my ears. Sleep came instantaneously. There is something very warm, comforting and settling about this entire piece of work. Every song begins simply and blooms, building in complexity with perfect harmonies that dance on the line that divides instrument from voice. Heather Woods Brodericks’ voice blends perfectly into the landscape that each song creates, living there, swimming somewhere between asleep and awake, past and present, reality and fiction. It sounds like she’s singing from far away, at the end of a tunnel or from a distant memory. Her first single, “A Call For Distance” is just this. Ghostly notes weave in and out of earshot, building and receding as she says:

to live, to learn, to live, the ones, we grow

to choose a path and hurt the ones we know

to live, to learn, to live, the ones, we grow

you choose to learn to loathe the ones you’ve loved

To me this song revolves and circles around the idea that in our lives, our paths lead us in directions that always affect others around us; lovers, friends, acquaintances. But, from our paths we live and learn. My favorite moment is about 5:12 where the sound of a chime or bell echoes and it seems as if the song is over. Every time, I’m relieved and delighted when the guitar “picks” the song back up here. This track isn’t unlike the others on the record that tell stories of lost lovers and self-reflections. In “Fall Hard” she sings of time disappearing and with that, feelings changing forever:

we were young like everyone once

but man, where’s the time gone

“Fall Hard” is one I find myself going back to again and again. I think it is because I can feel something of me in it. That is one of the many beautiful things about this record. I think anyone can nestle into a part of Glider and find themselves at home. The title track, “Glider”, especially. Who doesn’t have moments, days, weeks, months or years where they find themselves gliding between different lives?

I’ve listened to this record in rain and sun and it always fits. It always fits because its subtlety lets your ears to take it in and your mind mold it and shape it into whatever mood surrounds you at that time. I can say it is not all that often that a record comes along with this listening versatility.

Glider is out on July 10th on Western Vinyl.

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