Summer sounds: ‘Phlowers’ by Topher Mohr is OUT!

Topher Mohr’s smokey voice, cool keyboards, and slick guitar picks make his sophomore album , Phlowers, an essential summer album. It sucks you right in with it’s shoulder-shaking opening track, “Red Line Express” and tumbles you through some jazzy tracks like “Little House” and “Look at the Stars.” His vocal range continues to surprise you throughout the album given the smokey start. Some of the tracks on the record are softer and even take on a more folk feel, like “Switzerland.” Every track pulls you in a different direction. Mohr meanders back to jazz in “Moving Right Along” but takes a sharp turn to reggae town in “Let’s Get a Taxi.”

I featured “Keep it Coming” a few weeks ago on Music For Lunch. It’s more on the pop and soul side of his record and is a truly celebratory track. Though, it’s is an excellent example of the diversity in sound and style Mohr accomplishes on this record. The closing track “A Good Indication” is a blues drenched soulful surprise that makes a crisp change in tempo at the halfway mark. It’s the perfect conclusion to Phlowers. You can stream the entire album here but I suggest a purchased copy of your own so you can enjoy it anywhere and everywhere:

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