6 minutes of Marrow: “The Gold Standard”

If you feel like listening to 6 minutes of the first 2 minutes of “The Gold Standard” quit while you’re ahead because this song builds, rises and falls, explodes and dies in a beautifully unpredictable way. The first 2 almost 3 minutes of this track pulls you in and rocks you around gently but there is a lingering fire hiding behind the rhythmic heartbeat-like drums and whispering vocals. That fire ignites and fizzles over and over again throughout the song. Check it:

Marrow is a Chicago-based group consisting of founding members Liam Cunningham, Macie Stewart and Lane Beckstrom and drummer, Matt Carrol. The founding members created Marrow after their first previous project, Kids These Days, broke up and only shortly after the creation of Marrow, Matt Carrol was recruited to play drums. They released a 2 song EP in 2013 and are currently working on their debut full length album.

All photos by Charles Nolis Anderson, courtesy of Pitch Perfect PR

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