Month: June 2015

Cool off with The Rooks’ new EP, Wires.

The Rooks are an R&B and soul group based out of New York who have mastered the skill of creating breezy tracks that leave you no choice but to move. They released their second EP Wires yesterday, June 29th just in time for the summer heat to kick in. You can listen and purchase at Bandcamp.

Their summer East coast tour begins July 29th at Penn Plaza in New York and includes many other destinations:

July 29th – 1 Penn Plaza, New York NY
July 30th – Hinge, Northampton MA
July 31st – Empire, Portland ME
August 1st – Copperfield’s Bar, Boston MA
August 2nd – Dusk, Providence RI
August 4th – Nectar’s, Burlington VT
August 6th – Cavern Bar, Toronto, ON
August 7th – Sticky Lips, Rochester NY
August 8th – Snowshoe Lounge, Montgomery VT

Newest single from New York’s, The Afternoon Edition: “I Can’t Stay”

A little over a month ago I posted about “Canyon Lights”, another track by New York-based country/folk group, The Afternoon Edition. Recently they released another single called “I Can’t Stay.” Listen below:

This summer track is off of their upcoming album, Fallow. Keep your ears peeled for more!

How is it Sunday Again?

Why do the summer weeks have to fly by so quickly? Thankfully the music out in the world isn’t slipping away like summer is. Once again, this week’s playlist is 10 artists and 10 songs I’ve never even heard until this very day. It’s so refreshing to hear so many new things happening on the musical front every year, every month, every week, and every day. Oh, and to explain the photo, my dear mom is known in our family for making really incredible cakes of any character you want! Usually she uses a cake pan that is pre-designed but this year for my 27th birthday, she designed an original Yoda cake for me. Pretty amazing if you ask me! OK, get listenin’!

Sizzling song for a hot weekend: “Our Love Falls Out Of” by The Black Sun’s Darling

The Black Sun’s Darling is a trio out of Stockholm and Åre, Sweden composed of Julia (vocals), Sebastian (bass, organs, vocals) and Andreas (drums). Their music video for “Our Love Falls Out Of” is simple and to the point. The three of them are silhouetted through the entire video, the drummer never even takes a seat and that guitar lick makes the guitar literally sound like it’s melting, especially around 0:54.

With three tracks out, this trio is on a roll. Each of their track are unique which bodes well for their sound. I’m crossing my fingers for an EP or a full length soon!

Vinnie Ferra’s much anticipated, ‘arc en ciel’, is out now!

Remember this guy?

God Forbid Still Solo Vin

Remember this song?

The above track, ‘Destroying Me’, is off of Vinnie Ferra’s newest album arc en ciel which he released yesterday, June 23rd. I had the pleasure of chatting over the phone with Vinnie for over an hour and he shared some truly beautiful details about his newest record. Click here for the whole thing. I pasted my favorite part of the interview below because it’s where Vinnie talks about why he named his newest record, arc en ciel.

MFL: One last thing. What was the inspiration for the name of the new album?

VF: Ahhh, good question. A question I really want to answer. It’s definitely a gajillion degrees of separation. Some of the songs are about certain things but most of the record is about a certain individual. I went on a trip to France with them and we stayed in a hotel on a street named Rue Jean-Mermoz and Jean-Mermoz is a French aviator. He designed planes and his first plane that was able to take off and actually fly was called “Arc en Ciel” which is “arc in the sky” as the literal translation but the actual meaning in French is a “rainbow.” The first song on the record is about my brother and I and the record is mostly about innocence and innocent love and just not even considering real life when thinking about your feelings. Impulsive and irrational desires. To me a rainbow, besides its over-gay connation, but way someone feels when they look at a rainbow versus when they were a child, they look at it as being beautiful. People still look at rainbows like they’re 5 year olds. As we get older there are not a lot of things that we look at with that innocence because we’re all so jaded and messed up from growing up. I’ve been waiting for someone to ask that question. To me it is a very big part of the name of the album, it’s not just some name. It’s a very big part of the record to me.

You can stream arc en ciel on Soundcloud. The entire album is below for your listening pleasure.

And if your curious as to why Vinnie is releasing his entire album for free streaming on Soundcloud, that answer is also nested in my interview with him. You can also support him by purchasing the record on Bandcamp by clicking here.

Summer sounds: ‘Phlowers’ by Topher Mohr is OUT!

Topher Mohr’s smokey voice, cool keyboards, and slick guitar picks make his sophomore album , Phlowers, an essential summer album. It sucks you right in with it’s shoulder-shaking opening track, “Red Line Express” and tumbles you through some jazzy tracks like “Little House” and “Look at the Stars.” His vocal range continues to surprise you throughout the album given the smokey start. Some of the tracks on the record are softer and even take on a more folk feel, like “Switzerland.” Every track pulls you in a different direction. Mohr meanders back to jazz in “Moving Right Along” but takes a sharp turn to reggae town in “Let’s Get a Taxi.”

I featured “Keep it Coming” a few weeks ago on Music For Lunch. It’s more on the pop and soul side of his record and is a truly celebratory track. Though, it’s is an excellent example of the diversity in sound and style Mohr accomplishes on this record. The closing track “A Good Indication” is a blues drenched soulful surprise that makes a crisp change in tempo at the halfway mark. It’s the perfect conclusion to Phlowers. You can stream the entire album here but I suggest a purchased copy of your own so you can enjoy it anywhere and everywhere: