WAKE UP! “Keep it Coming” by Topher Mohr

I decided to make this my first listen on this lovely Saturday morning. With a cup of black, steaming French press in hand, listening to the pop-rock, soul and funk fusion, “Keep it Coming” by Topher Mohr, I feel like the weekend has officially started. Without further ado:

Topher’s sophomore album, Phlowers, houses the above track and is due out June 16th (which is just around the corner!). Topher found the seed of inspiration for this track in the works of Walt Whitman. He was reading “Leaves of Grass” and the line ““As I watch the stars shining, I think a thought of the clef of the universes, and of the future” jumped out at him, leading to the first lyrics of “Keep it Coming” while the rest of the song fell in place. Topher says, “I liked the idea that the only thing keeping us from this mystical, musical romance were our own worries and if we’d just stop thinking so much we could get lost in the magic.” This song oozes with positive, celebratory, and confidence-inspiring lyrics, short almost percussion-like guitar riffs and everything else you could need for a song of its style. Grab it and run with it this weekend! Happy Saturday everyone!

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