“This is Where My Heart Breaks”: Studio session with Tyler Hilton

Everyone needs a song about heartbreak. A corny one, an angry one, a satirical one, and a beautiful one. Tyler Hilton has written a beautiful song about heartbreak. In his interview with Diffuser, he talks about the fact that he’s been partaking in many different activities aside from just writing music like script-writing and book ideas, and he looked at a “moment in his life, almost like a movie” and that is where “This Is Where My Heart Breaks” comes from. To me, this song didn’t go where I expected it to based on the first 15 or so seconds of guitar chords but when the accordion comes in is where my heart breaks. It’s so beautiful.

Tyler Hilton is known in the music world not only for writing and making music but also for his role as Elvis Presley in “Walk the Line”, for playing the character, Chris Keller, in the TV series, “One Tree Hill” AND for writing music for “One Tree Hill.”

“This is Where My Heart Breaks” is off of Tyler’s most recent album, Indian Summer, which came out fall of 2014.

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