Unpacking to ‘Loveless.’ Thank goodness for My Bloody Valentine.

And thank goodness to my dear friend Mark Levy who very kindly notified me that it was quite sad that I hadn’t heard this piece of art yet. We listened to it after a fantastic day of spring skiing on the way down from Big Sky and right now, it’s my soundtrack for unpacking my ABSOLUTELY bulging luggage bag from my trip to New Orleans. It wasn’t bulging as badly on the way to New Orleans as on the way back. Zipping it was scary but it worked out.

A taste of ‘Loveless’:

ANYWAY, almost 24 years ago, this masterpiece was created. The 19 recording studios, year and a half to two year recording session, and the pure innovation of every instrumental layer in ‘Loveless’ proved worth it. Though, this was not fully appreciated until later years. I didn’t appreciate it until later years but, I was three when ‘Loveless’ came out so I was more into Sesame Street, Rainbow Brite and Raffi than the ‘shoegaze’ thing. Better late than never and cheers Mr. Levy for sharing sharing the gift of music. Thanks to him, I purchased a copy of ‘Loveless’ on vinyl in Portland at Music Millenium when I was there last month. Excellent purchase. Well worth it. Mr. Bill Crosely is spinning My Bloody Valentine magic.

2015-05-13 14.40.16

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