This is as fresh as it gets: “The Sun Rising”, newest track by London group, HÆLOS.

I’ve been living in an alternate universe for the last few days visiting New Orleans for a conference. This track shook me back to reality and reality is beautiful, as is this track. Masterfully mixed and flawlessly fresh, “The Sun Rising” is a 5 minute musical trip that everyone needs to go on. At about 3:45, things converge, quiet, but then it all builds up to an even better place than it started.

HÆLOS is Arthur Delaney, Tom Goldsmith and Lotti Bernadout.


Photo credit: Dave Ma (courtesy of Pitch Perfect PR)

They all found each other in London and together, they create clean, pure and electronic sounds that wash over the body and soul. I hear pain and sadness in their music but it doesn’t bring me down, it lifts me up. This is unique and something I don’t think many can achieve. To layer darkness, love desperation and power in one musical piece is HÆLOS’ way. According to the band, “Our songwriting process can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful,” say the band, “but we want to write evocative music that captures the spirit of what it means to be alive and human (quote courtesy of Pitch Perfect PR).”

Only one track is available on iTunes currently, “Earth Not Above”, but you can you hear more at their Soundcloud page and can follow them more closely so you don’t miss a beat at their Facebook page and their official website. They are a young band and have incredible potential. Keep listening.

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