My favorite from Strand of Oaks’ EP, ‘Darker Shores.’

Strand of Oaks, a true favorite of mine and the artist responsible for bringing the world my top album of 2014 (‘Heal’), released an album back in 2012 called, ‘Dark Shores.’ Less than a year later, he released an EP called, ‘Darker Shores’, which had five songs off of ‘Dark Shores.’ They had the same skeleton as the original songs but they were now dressed in echoing drums, lingering synth, and other electronic treats. I adore both versions of the songs but there was something about “Satellite Moon” in its re-dressed form that powered me through this weekend. If that opening drum line and the first 15 seconds of that song don’t make you feel like you can do anything, then I don’t know what will!

I couldn’t track down the original version online so you’ll just have to go purchase it yourself. Here is the newer version from the ‘Darker Shores’ EP:

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