New sounds from the South: ‘Winter Is For Kierkegaard’ by Tyler Lyle

Carrollton, Georgia-native, Tyler Lyle just released a new single that he says is “philosophical starting point” for his upcoming album ‘The Native Genius of Desert Plants’ that comes out this June 2nd. Listen to the track below:

Tyler Lyle has been making music since his teenage years though he promised himself he’d never seek out a musical career. Seems like he couldn’t resist and I’m glad he didn’t because of what he has to share with all of us, his music. With the release of his debut album, ‘The Golden Age & The Silver Girl’ in 2011, he set off with a bang, gathering fans from far and wide.

This new album has been an over three year endeavor with the title inspired by quite literally the genius of desert plants and their ability to survive in such a harsh environment. This theme is related back to our own lives and how we all endure periods of time that seem rough and desert-like.

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