Even if I tried…even if I put in ALL OF MY EFFORT, I couldn’t avoid discovering new music (not that I would ever want to avoid it). Point is, it’s everywhere, constantly being made, people are endlessly creative and I find it so incredible that with how long music has been around original music is still being created. Granted, ideas, sounds, songs, etc are recycled but part of the creative process of making music is re-inventing past ideas, sounds and songs.

Anyway, today’s discovery: Bop English. Check out the new album ‘Constant Bop’ that came out last week below. It is packed full of a variety of musical styles from different decades even within the same song and I think I heard some laser-like sound effects in one song. The entire set is a guaranteed good musical time.

Bop English is the name taken on by the frontman of White Denim, James Petralli. On tour currently, Bop English will be in St Louis tonight, Nashville tomorrow and Atlanta on Saturday. If you are in any of these places, GO! Please, GO!

You can purchase ‘Constant Bop’ on iTunes or here at Bandcamp (which is pretty sweet because you can get a good deal on music, OR you can pay a little more and donate some extra cash-ola to support your favorite artists)

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