It’s that time of year music-lovers! Today is the day to make your way to your local record store and take advantage of some of the exciting Record Store Day-specific releases. I’m so SAD that I can’t partake because I’ll be in Butte…and I don’t think they have a record store but maybe I’m wrong? I’ll be spending time with my family and celebrating my uncle’s 57th birthday, SO, it will still be a good time.

ANYWAY, Bozemanites: Cactus Records is in full on Record Store Day mode staring at 10 am and they have some special live shows throughout the day as well. Go to their Facebook event for all of the details:


You can also check out the official Record Store Day website here:


where they have the LIST in its entirety of every record released today for the special occasion. The records on my list from THE LIST are as follows, in no particular order:

-Blitzen Trapper – Harvest

-Courtney Barnett – Kim’s Caravan

-Interpol – Everything is Wrong

-Midlake – Live in Denton, TX

-Robert Plant – More Roar

-Twin Peaks – In the Morning (In the Evening)

I’ll be jazzed if I can get my hands on any of these the day after Record Store Day because they have limited copy numbers and they go quick! So, before you head up to the Pond Skim today at Big Sky…or you go climbing outside or whatever…GO GET YO’SELF SOME VINYL!

In honor or Record Store Day, I’m listening to my favorite Record Store Day purchase this morning and I have blogged about it before: The Space Project. Click here for the previous post where I featured a song by Beach House called “Saturn Song.”

Finally, here’s the Twin Peaks’ track “In the Morning (In the Evening)” that is coming out on 7″ today:

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