LA and Portland come together: Release of Cold Shoulders’ first, self-titled EP.

Need some pop in your life? Here, let me lend you a “Cold Shoulder.” I only just heard of this group a couple of days ago but I don’t think it will be the last! They released their self-titled EP April 14th so this is hot off the press. You can stream it here but please do yourself and the artists a favor and pay for your very own copy on iTunes, Amazon or Google Play:

Here’s a synopsis of the band’s history by their record label, Mad Dragons:

“Cold Shoulders began as a friendship between like-minded artists; Jordan Witzigreuter of The Ready Set, Jared Ryan Maldonado of Dresses, and Trevor Dahl of Plug In Stereo. This led to the idea of forming a group that pulls from their collective experiences and influences, yet allows the trio to develop a unique collection of songs that differ from their individual efforts. The resulting self­-titled debut EP, recorded and mixed at their home studios in Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR, weaves through power pop, electronic ballads and stylistic experimentation while retaining elements of their roots. Their debut self-titled EP is now available via Mad Dragon Records. ”

Congrats, Cold Shoulders! Looking forward to your future work!

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