An addition to the never-ending list of favorites.

It’s so hard to say who my favorite musicians are…so, I just call them all my favorite. I didn’t know this about myself until a co-worker of mine caught me red handed. I was reminiscing about seeing “one of my favorite bands” in concert and he stopped me and said, “Aren’t they all your favorite?” And I realized yes, yes they are.

ANYWAY, I had never heard of Torres, stage name for young Mackenzie Scott’s band, until recently following SXSW coverage by some of my favorite sources. In her early to mid 20s, Scott has a lot to say and people are listening. She release her self-titled debut in 2013 and this May will be releasing her sophomore album, ‘Sprinter.’ The title track is killer:

“Honey” is off of her debut album. Keep in mind she was 20 or 21 during the writing/processing/releasing of this. Incredible:

I can’t wait to hear the rest of the tracks off of ‘Sprinter.’ I will wait patiently.

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