Month: April 2015

Open your ears to this: Lane 8’s newest track, “Ghost”

You know those songs that are just a smooth, easy, effortless listening? Yes, there are songs that take effort to listen to. Maybe the lyrical content is really heavy,or the tempo is frantic and full of anxiety…or the any of the instrumental parts are too aggressive OR too weak for whatever your mood may be at the current time. You get the idea. What I’m getting at is, Lane 8’s newest track “Ghosts”, is one of those smooth, easy and effortless listens. Listen below:

“Ghosts” is the first single released(featuring Patrick Baker) off of Lane 8’s debut album, ‘Rise’, due out July 17th of this 2015.

Photo Credit for featured image, Andy Cotterill.

New sounds from the South: ‘Winter Is For Kierkegaard’ by Tyler Lyle

Carrollton, Georgia-native, Tyler Lyle just released a new single that he says is “philosophical starting point” for his upcoming album ‘The Native Genius of Desert Plants’ that comes out this June 2nd. Listen to the track below:

Tyler Lyle has been making music since his teenage years though he promised himself he’d never seek out a musical career. Seems like he couldn’t resist and I’m glad he didn’t because of what he has to share with all of us, his music. With the release of his debut album, ‘The Golden Age & The Silver Girl’ in 2011, he set off with a bang, gathering fans from far and wide.

This new album has been an over three year endeavor with the title inspired by quite literally the genius of desert plants and their ability to survive in such a harsh environment. This theme is related back to our own lives and how we all endure periods of time that seem rough and desert-like.

One day late…

I apologize, I was a day tardy for last week’s playlist! I went on a little road trip to Portland to see Sylvan Esso….an entirely different post will be required for that story.

This week’s (or should I say last week’s?) is entirely composed of tracks I fell for in the last hour today. Enjoy!


Even if I tried…even if I put in ALL OF MY EFFORT, I couldn’t avoid discovering new music (not that I would ever want to avoid it). Point is, it’s everywhere, constantly being made, people are endlessly creative and I find it so incredible that with how long music has been around original music is still being created. Granted, ideas, sounds, songs, etc are recycled but part of the creative process of making music is re-inventing past ideas, sounds and songs.

Anyway, today’s discovery: Bop English. Check out the new album ‘Constant Bop’ that came out last week below. It is packed full of a variety of musical styles from different decades even within the same song and I think I heard some laser-like sound effects in one song. The entire set is a guaranteed good musical time.

Bop English is the name taken on by the frontman of White Denim, James Petralli. On tour currently, Bop English will be in St Louis tonight, Nashville tomorrow and Atlanta on Saturday. If you are in any of these places, GO! Please, GO!

You can purchase ‘Constant Bop’ on iTunes or here at Bandcamp (which is pretty sweet because you can get a good deal on music, OR you can pay a little more and donate some extra cash-ola to support your favorite artists)

Another treat from Ranges featured in a video by Adam Brummond

I’m so delighted to hear Ranges once again, paired with scenes from the outdoors. I can’t imagine a better backdrop for their soundscapes than the overwhelmingly stunning landscapes of Bozeman, MT and beyond. Check out this video by Adam Brummond out of L.A. with the track, “Silence in the Face of Evil is Itself Evil”, off of Ranges most recent EP, ‘Bonhoeffer’:

The footage was taken in Chugach Mountains which are located northeast of Valdez, Alaska. It kind of makes you want winter to come back, doesn’t it?

I featured Ranges in a post a few months ago. If you’re curious, check it out by clicking on any word in this sentence! 

Word on the street is, Ranges will be playing live in Bozeman this summer for the first time ever, so keep your ears and eyes peeled for dates. I don’t mean their first time live IN Bozeman, I mean their first time LIVE for an audience ever.

Blue Sky, Big Sky

Talk about typical Montana spring weather…We got dumped on Wednesday, which was wonderful and now it’s been 50 or 60 degrees with blue skies since them. It really doesn’t get much better than that. This week’s playlist a tribute to the insanely gorgeous blue sky and big sky we have here in Montana.