The Cave Singers: TONIGHT – Tuesday March 24th!

Tonight (Tuesday, March 24th) at the Filling Station in Bozeman, MT, The Cave Singers will grace our lovely town’s presence once again. I think I’m getting addicted to them visiting Bozeman EVERY year and I’m not sure what I’ll do when they stop coming. Maybe they never will. March 21st it was posted that were only 50 tickets left so, I’m not sure what the status is now but it’s worth looking into! You know it’ll be worth it. I’m not entirely sure how long they’ve been coming to Bozeman but what I do know is that I’ve seen them every year for the last 3 years so this will be my fourth year in a row. I’m sure there are others who can attest to a similar track record.

Back in 2011, the fateful year I heard “Swim Club” for the first time marked the year The Cave Singers went down in my list of favorites. AND, at that point, I had no idea they’d ever been to or would come to Bozeman. This version is them at Pickathon, a festival in Oregon, from 2012.

Not only is their music, which is the perfect blend of rock and roll and folk, celebratory and invigorating, band members emulate these very same characteristics live. This song, “It’s a Crime”, is one of my favorite songs to hear live.

The gravely vocals attributed by Peter Quirk, the surprise flute additions provided by bassist Morgan Henderson, the driving drums of Marty Lund and the either delicate or ripping guitar of Derek Fudesco, allow this group to force you to dance until you drop or close your eyes and just take it in.

Check out these fantastic photos taken by Bozeman photographer, Cameron McDonald, from last year’s show. Cheers to Cameron for capturing some fantastic moments.

So, I guess I’m saying you should come check it out. Local band, Of Course Of Course, will be opening for them! Says the show starts at 8pm but I’m not sure how “on time” things will be…I’ll be there at 8, though!

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