Words with Austria’s psychedelic rock group, Aux Portes!

A few playlists ago I featured a song by Vienna, Austria’s psychedelic rock group, Aux Portes. Immediately after sampling some of their tunes, I had to try to get a hold of them to ask some questions. They were more than willing. Check out what they had to say below about making music and other types of art and have a listen to what inspired them to be the musicians they are today.

Alright, first of all, who are you? I see four fellows in your photographs so that’s about all I can gather! I’d love to know who plays what as well! Maybe use the photo I attached and name yourselves starting from the upper left corner and move clockwise(this is the above image).

Well, the photo that you are talking about was taken in August 13′ when I was in the band ‘Psychedelic Mango’. We founded Aux Portes in December 13´ and we had many different members in the band. The guys on the photograph are Phillip Dornauer (Drums), Toni Weithas (Guitar/Bass), Thomas Neuner (Guitar/Bass) and me, Tobias Haller (Vocals/Guitar/Bass); There have been many different guys in our band but now we have Pia Wurzer (Vocals), Gabriel Hyden (Guitar), Serafin Eiter (Drums), Aaron Abebe (Bass) and Tobias Haller (Vocals/Guitar).

According to Facebook, you were “founded” December of 2013. Tell me how and when it all
started…including your band name story!

Phillip Dornauer and Tobias Haller wanted to found an Indie-Rock Band in 2012. They called the project ‘Aux Portes’. We had no idea what it meant but it sounded quite cool. We never really did anything with this project but over one year later Tobias took the name for his newest project. Members have been Serafin Eiter, Tobias Haller, Alex Migliorini (Organ) and every now and then someone of our old band ´Psychedelic Mango´ helps us out.

What have the biggest milestones in your 1st year as a band been?

We have supported TOY, Jacco Gardner, Will and the people, The Hypnotic Eye, Nihils and our friends from White Miles. All these things have been very cool but we never really had success besides that, unfortunately.

I recognize a few of your influences: Pond, Tame Impala, Temples…have you gotten to see any of them live before if they’ve visited Austria?

I, for my part, have visited none of them unfortunately. But I will do it for sure in the future.

Along those lines…and if you have time, could you create a short playlist (5 to 10 songs) of what’s been running through your ears (some of your favorite songs) the last couple of years while your band has been getting started? Here is a short playlist and some other tracks the fellows from Aux Portes are listening to.


Your shows! How often do you get to perform live and have you gotten to travel much yet? Tell me about your fans! What is their age group? Do they dance, mill around or head bang at your shows?

We haven´t played that many shows yet but each of the shows has been fantastic. I think the people who came to our concerts always wanted to see the main band but we´ve always fitted quite well and it has always been a night full of psychedelia. Our ‘fans’on the web are some psychedelic freaks,… Just like we are! I think there is no specific age for Psychedelic-Rock lovers, which is really great. Some of our songs are pretty catchy. The people dance how they feel like dancing… Each one of them danced different to our songs but that;s not that important. The most important thing is that they understood our sound.

Outside of music, what are your lives like? Or is it all music? It’s OK if it is!

Most of us are students living in Vienna. Gabriel is a famous roller skater and photographer. We are all quite creative. Each one of us is interested in sport, photography and art.

Finally, when are we going to see an EP or full length album from Aux Portes?

Hopefully this year. I think we´ll start to record some songs after Gabriel is back from his Europe-Tour with his other band ´Vague`.

This is one last photo Tobias Haller, whom I’ve been communicating with for this interview, told me was the first photo ever taken of the group!

AUx Portes

Once again, it was such an honor get a piece of some more musician’s minds. I can’t get enough of this! Stay tuned for more from Aux Portes and check out their music by clicking here and scrolling or searching for ‘Aux Portes.’

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