Video Premiere!

Hey, remember these guys:

Maybelleen! Well today, they’re releasing their new music video for their song, “Time Machine” which, has kind of a funny story to go along with it! Here’s what Pierre-Louise had to say about the making of the video:

We filmed it in our uncle’s old car, a Nash 1928…The same year of the silent movie we use in the background, “Speedy” by Harold Lloyd of 1928. The only way we could publish the video was to have the permission from ‘Harold Lloyd Entertainment, Inc.’ At first we thought they would be very busy and maybe not be interested but it turned out that Harold Lloyd’s granddaughter (Suzanne Lloyd) loved our video and allowed us to do it. They’ll even publish it on Harold Lloyd’s website next to the amazing films. It was simply a great adventure to figure it all out.

With that, check out the new video below:

Congratulations, Maybelleen! Can’t wait to hear from you again!

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