A chat with Paris musician, Sunrom

Sunrom is Romain Nouhi of Paris’ musical projection of himself. If you need a theme song for spring break…or life in general, I highly suggest you listen to his track “Le Sable” off of his ‘Cosmos’ EP. Don’t worry though, you can enjoy that very same track while watching the short “ski film” that is incorporate into the interview below. Oh, and that brings me to my next point! Romain was kind enough to let me send some questions his way. Check out his answers below:

I see you’ve been making music for a few years now based on when tracks have been released on Soundcloud. When did you initially start making music (was it childhood or later in your life?)?

 I learned the violin when I was younger but I did not continue, I wanted to learn an instrument, but music theory disgusted. After a long musical break, I came back with a new electronic orientated project under the name of Sunrom. It led, 1 year after, to a 1st EP.  

Who is Sunrom? Meaning, is it just you, Romain, or are there others involved in this musical project?

Yes it is a solo project. It’s the type of music I like to do, that which soothes and invites you to dream.

 Outside of making music, what do you do with your time?

At the moment I only produce music but I don’t know if it will last, I hope so.

 I heard your song, “Le Sable”, for the first time last week. It was used in this short ski film that was posted on a blog about a skiing area in Montana, outside of Cooke City:


 I’m a new skier but I still enjoy watching ski films because 1) the terrain and footage is usually pretty incredible and 2) there is usually excellent music! The second the film was over I had to know what the song was.

 What do you think about the fact that one of your songs was used in a ski film somewhere across the ocean?

It’s great to see his music accompanied the images, especially when they are successful. I love freestyle sports, it was very nice to see that. And if it can make known my music across the Atlantic is even better!

 Now I’ll switch gears a little. I’m curious about the music scene you are part of in Paris! How often do you get to perform live and if you do, what kind of venues do you typically play at?

 I played a lot in Paris with my band, Equateur. I played all the good clubs in Paris live or had a Dj Set. It is interesting to see how it works. It’s a world apart, which can be a great inspiration.

 Can you tell me a little about who your musical inspirations are? I crafted the five songs Romain gave me into a short playlist and a few videos.

 I’m currently listening to your newest track, “Kiss You”, that you cleverly released on Valentine’s Day and I saw that “Sea Breezes” came out a few months ago. Are these tracks that may be on a new EP or full length that you’re working on? ;o) Or, maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part!

These two tracks, I think, mark an evolution, I wanted to go to a more mysterious, more personal and more psychedelic sound. I finished the next EP, it will include four new tracks and will be released soon.

Once again, I am THRILLED with the willingness of musicians out there to let me throw some questions at them and letting me poke around in their heads to see what sort of musical notions are floating around in there. Cheers, Romain. We’re all looking forward your next EP!

Click here to go to the S-Z page and scroll to Sunrom so you can get more info/sound-fo!

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