Screaming guitars, synth and brass, OH MY!

That’s just to name a few of the instruments in Roadkill Ghost Choir’s arsenal and doesn’t scratch the surface of lead vocalist, Andrew Shepard’s voice and it’s wide range of pitch and tone….AND I can’t forget to mention their hair. Shepard and others in the band can boast for having nearly butt-length locks, something even I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to claim!

The synth quality is more pronounced in their newest album, ‘In Tongues’, whereas their EP, ‘Quiet Light’, is more on the heavy rock side with hints of bluegrass hidden in the raging banjo riffs. Regardless, their music will make you question whether you are truly listening to rock and roll, bluegrass, folk or maybe even a touch of pop or country twang sometimes, depending on what track you’re tasting.

Roadkill Ghost Choir is Andrew Shepard, brothers Zach and Maxx Shepard, Stephen Garza and Kiffy Myers. This quintet of Florida-originating rockers can put on one heck of a show. They passed through Bozeman last summer as headliners. Hollow Wood, whom I’ve mentioned many times before on Music For Lunch, opened for them as the groups were touring together for a bit. Despite the fact that quite a bit of the crowd had hit the sack (yes, I’m saying that most people at the show went home to go to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t understand) before Roadkill Ghost Choir made it on stage, the Roadkill boys played as if they were playing for a packed house, which, means the world to me as a music fan. AND, they still claimed that they had a blast at the show, playing for small crowds is part of being a musician and part of touring but I still believed they deserved the Filling Station to be packed wall to wall with screaming fans. Maybe next time they come to Bozeman, which I really hope they do.

OK, I’m done blabbing, I promise. Time to get to some music. I’ll start with a favorite of mine off of their new album, which they played in Bozeman last year before the release of ‘In Tongues.’ This track is called “No Enemy”:

One of their biggest hits, which they played on the Letterman show, is “Beggars’ Guild.”

“Beggars’ Guild” is off of ‘Quiet Light’ as is my favorite track of theirs, “Devout”:

If you like what you hear, start hoping they come back! Or show them some love and send them a message!

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