Greetings from Québec musicians, Maybelleen!

Pierre-Louise Camiré and brother, Charles-Emile Camiré are Maybelleen, a Québec-originating brother duo producing psych-pop-dream-rock. Here, check out this photo they sent me of their top tracks, genre classification included, jotted down on some old fashioned, spiral bound notebook paper:


These two fellows were kind enough to answer some of my questions about their musical adventures AND send me some photographs from their most recent shoot! Check out the photos below by clicking on one, which will take you to the short gallery:

It’s clear from the interview below that Pierre-Louise and Charles-Emile have a passion for creating new, unique and catchy music for all types of listeners. Their EPs vary greatly from song to song and I can’t wait to see what else this gentleman come up with. My conversations with them and their answers to my interview questions bleed with genuine excitement and true commitment to their mission to travel the world, sharing their sound. Check out what they had to say:

Q: ‘Gold in Our Hands’ came out about a year ago, yes? And now, you’ve just released ‘Stereotypes.’ Where do you see yourselves in another year? Or at least where do you hope to see yourselves?

A: In planes, tour vans, festivals, exciting venues… We want to move and play as much as possible.

Q: Along those lines, it seems like you come up with material rather quickly! Releasing two excellent EPS in a year nearly…Do you feel like you sometimes can’t keep up with your own creativity?

A: Actually, ‘Gold In Our Hands’ became an album through some songs we were putting online and so we started to play them live. ‘Stereotypes EP’ is for us, a closer sound to what Maybelleen really is and it’s only 6 songs out of… 30 others we could pick! We can say that we’re just really surprised of our own creativity!

Q:. Has becoming touring musicians been a dream for you both? If so, when did that dream become something that HAD to become a reality?

A: Some years ago, when our music started to sound like something interesting, we’ve been told by our dad to keep up with that in the most serious way and make it our only reason we wake up in the morning. We realized it was what we had to do in our lives, like anyone who have a career choice. You got to work for this only and it’ll start to grow.

Q: Do you feel your musical influences/inspirations have changed as you’ve started to develop your own sound? Or do you always turn to those same artists who inspired you initially?

A: Our sound is quite like our personality… You develop it as you’re growing up. Even as babies, our lifestyle at this age had an impact on our music today and when it was time to pick up an instrument, it just evoked in a physical way. We certainly have favorite bands which we love but it doesn’t really have an important impact on our sound.

Q: Can you pick two of the most exciting moments you’ve experienced in the last year since the release of your first EP?

A: Our UK tour for sure which inspired us to make ‘Stereotypes’ and the entire song-writing, recording thing of this album. Exciting projects always leads you to another!

Q: Finally, my favorite part of all of this (well, I shouldn’t say “favorite” because I love everything about music so I don’t know if I have a favorite part). If you have the time, could you make a 5 to 10 song playlist that captures your current (within the last few years) favorite songs? Here is Pierre-Louise and his brother, Charles-Emile’s, self-procured playlist! This is your chance to have a listen to what they’re listening to. It starts with Rush and finishes with a track by their very own father, Jean-Francois Camiré :

Q: Oh, one more thing. When do we get to see where you’ll be touring in the US?

A: Things will get more concrete about tour dates soon. We would say in mid-March, we’ll put out more details and exciting news concerning gigs.
Alright musicforlunchers, keep your ears and eyes peeled for Maybelleen in the coming years and don’t forget to check out their two EPs, ‘Stereotypes’ and ‘Gold in Our Hands’, both available for sampling on their soundcloud page:

and their newest EP is available for purchase at their website:

Thanks for your time, Maybelleen and thank you to all of you for reading and listening!

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