Dreams, free socks and some laughter for breakfast

This morning I fell back asleep after being mostly awake which, for me, means I’ll have strange and vivid dreams. This particular time the dream was more on the strange and pointless end of the dream spectrum but despite that, it left me with a sort of sinking feeling. The only good part about this particular dream was that my friend was giving away some of her clothes and she was giving me a bunch of great free socks. This likely entered my dream world this morning due to the fact that yesterday I did end up with some excellent free socks, generously given to me by a lovely friend. I never really woke up this morning and was kind of in a funk but what did finally wake me up was telling my buddy who’s a cashier at the grocery store about my free socks dream. This struck him funny, we’re talking fits of laughter, which of course made me laugh, pleasantly nudging me out of my confusing dream state.

Anyway, what inspired me to mush the dream, the socks and the laughing together for this post was this remix of a wonderful song by Hundred Waters:

It sounds like dreaming, don’t you think? Hype Machine is premiering a remixed version of their latest album, ‘The Moon Rang Like a Bell’ and the “Out Alee” track really stood out to me considering me dreamy morning. Check out the whole album here:


Hundred Waters has been a favorite of mine for quite some time now. They have a sound that is not like anyone else. A lot of their music is fantastical and ethereal; Nicole Miglis’ vocals dancing up and down, side to side. Their first self-titled album is a must-listen. Here’s a favorite of mine from that album…it sort of makes me feel like I’m dreaming, too:

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