Screen shot

This is a screen shot of what greets me everyday I turn on my lap top (click it! you can read the quotes and see all the music listed):

screen shot post

There are four sticky notes: two with quotes that I need to see everyday and two that are PACKED with albums/songs by various musicians that I CAN’T under any circumstance neglect to purchase at some point. The list gets longer and longer every day but a few artists/albums/songs get knocked off the list every so often; usually around pay day!

Anyway, I knocked a few off this morning on a whim, one of which was Amen Dune’s new album, ‘Love’, released May of last year. The more I listen to it, the more I fall for every song. This was the first track I heard on the Hype Machine back in December when they did their annual Zeitgeist:

This song has big furry, warm, safe arms that wrap around me. Without even thinking, the second this song starts, I find myself with eyes closed, swaying back and forth. That’s just me, though…hopefully that big, furry, warm, safe arms comment wasn’t too much….

Anyway, Damon McMahon, originator of Amen Dunes has been releasing music since 2006 but it wasn’t until after he released his solo album, ‘Mansions’ in 2006, that he became Amen Dunes. Now based out of Brooklyn and incorporating a wide variety musically-talented collaborators and friends, McMahon’s ‘Love’ is a masterpiece. Damon McMahon is pictured below. I wonder if he has big, furry, warm, safe arms….? Maybe that was too far now.


Check out “I Can’t Dig It”, a slightly louder track from the album:

Well, here’s to knockin’ some more off of my never-ending musical checklist!

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