Amason, Amazing

I’ve been meaning to chat about (and by “chat” I mean have a one way conversation with whomever is reading…or listening to musicforlunch) Amason’s new album. NPR premiered their album as part of ‘First Listen’ and I fell hard for every track. And, before I say anything else, check out this bizarro-fantastic music video for “Duvan” (it’s a combination of what my hair would look like in another life or a parallel universe AND those wacky Jibjab cards…you know you know what I’m talking about):

This was the first song I heard on the album…I can’t recall where I heard it but I did. Likely I heard it on ‘All Songs Considered‘ or the Hype Machine “Kelly” (at first I thought it sounded like they were saying “ketamine” not “Kelly”…the nerds out there will know what ketamine is):


Anyway, this group is a truly unique and fantastic collaboration. All talented Swedish musicians:

Pontus Winnberg (from Miike Snow) – This is my favorite Miike Snow song:

Gustav Ejstes (from Swedish psych band, Dungen)

Peter Winnberg

Nils Törnqvist (from Little Majorette)

Amanda Bergman (from Hajen and Idiot Wind)

This video is a little old but I really enjoyed it. It’s Amanda Bergman in Hajen circa 2008:

Needless to say, Amason just released their first full length album, ‘Sky City’, last week and it is delightful.

PHEW! So many videos…I hope this isn’t too overwhelming and everyone can find something they enjoy in this post!

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