Yeah, I like Foxes. What about it?

I had never heard of The Stone Foxes until last year when Compound Presents brought these San Francisco boys to Bozeman, September 12th. Yes, I remember the date. All of my shows go into my calendar, IN PEN so I never forget when they are or when they were.

This was certainly a show to remember. It was quite a bit more interactive than I had anticipated and I ended up with significantly more rock-lash than I was expecting. At one point the only fellow on the stage was the drummer because everyone else from the band had hopped down into the crowd to make a rock-out circle and DAMN did they rock out. Additionally, at one point, the drummer and the front man switched places…which I had never seen before. Maybe it’s more common than I think it is but it was pretty darn cool to see how multi-talented they were. This was the song they kicked the show off with and the one I was most excited to hear (stick with this music video…it looks bizarre but there is an excellent explanation at the end…or if you really can’t stand it, just look away!):

This is another favorite track of mine:

Their debut, self-titled album came out in 2008 followed by ‘Bears & Bulls’ in 2010. In 2013 they released ‘Small Fires’ and if you like what you hear, the first Friday of every month, they’ve been releasing a song off of their next album, ‘Twelve Spells.’ The next song will be out next Friday, February 6th! Here is the most recent release:

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