Need some more fuzzy guitars? I do.

POND. POND. POND. POND. POND. I didn’t know I enjoyed a little psychedelic rock until I heard this:

That video is truly absurd in the best way possible.

This week, for some reason, I’ve needed EXTREMELY LOUD guitar riffs to get the sleepies out of my eyes early in the morn. Yesterday it was Rubblebucket and today it’s POND. Who knows who it’ll be tomorrow. Today, though, these Australian-fuzz-creating, guitar ripping, face-melting dudes grabbed me by the shirt collar and shook me awake. ‘Hobo Rocket’ houses one of my favorite tunes of theirs, “Giant Tortoise.” Check it out:

At 1:30 when that guitar riff kicks….ooooooooooh baby. I have to be careful when I drive to this song because I just want to shake my hair around and that means my eyes aren’t on the road.

Guess what is really exciting, though?! NEW ALBUM (‘Man it Feels Like Space Again’) IS COMING OUT NEXT TUESDAY, the 27TH!

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