Rubblebucket, thank you for kicking off Wednesday.

I BLASTED “Carousel Ride” off of Rubblebucket’s newest album, ‘Survival Sounds’, this morning at 6:30 AM in the car. Yes, 6:30 AM. No, that’s not too early for fuzzy guitars, bursting vocals and catchy keyboards…Have a listen:

I adore this music video as well. That poor carnation-covered creature. I believe it has a name, that name is Vashti. Rubblebucket carries that costume around with them on tour and lets members in the audience pop it on during “Carousel Ride” and hop around on stage. It’s pretty neat. Guess how I know that? BECAUSE RUBBLEBUCKET WAS IN BOZEMAN THIS SUMMER! Can you believe that?! It was a truly fantastic show. Another favorite band of mine, Body Language, opened for them. It was one of the most dance-able, energy-producing, head-banging, crowd-bouncing show I’ve been to. There was not a still body in the Zebra. I really hope they come back here. Check out one of my favorites by Body Language as well:

And talk about energy. Body Language is one of the most fun-loving, colorful (lead singer, Angelica Bess was literally face-painting willing audience members), dance-inducing groups as well. They were initially what attracted me to the show at the Zebra and when I found out they were opening for Rubblebucket (though I thought the opposite at first….I thought Rubblebucket was opening for Body Language!), my excitement became uncontrollable. I hope Body Language will grace our lovely town with their musical presence again as well.

I had to edit this post and add this. NPR just released Rubblebucket’s Tiny Desk Concert and it’s somethin’ else:

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