A “pair of wings” for everyone!

Is it just me or when given a few choices of super powers (invisibility, mind-reading, flying for example), isn’t flying the obvious #1 choice? I’m not talking in an airplane, I’m talking wings or maybe in 2015 wings are replaced by a jet pack or something. I think I’d rather have wings, though. If you’re having second thoughts about flying being YOUR #1 super power, take a listen to this song and reconsider:

About halfway through that song, it sounds like this bird she’s singing about, “perched above the city on a pair of power lines”, plunges off the power line and starts soaring through the city. Sounds nice to me, though I’d rather be soaring somewhere more exotic and magnificent than a city…

Brooklyn gal, Frankie Rose, was once part of the groups Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts AND the Dum Dum Girls. Between those projects and her current solo project, she was Frankie Rose and the Outs, releasing an album back in 2010. ‘Interstellar’ back in 2012 was her first full length solo album and her sophomore solo album, ‘Hererin Wild’, was released in 2013.

Anyway, I hope this lovely Monday morning finds all you music-listeners and lovers, soaring.

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